Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Soak 'N' Wet: Jordan by Implicit Ditto

'You can’t go wrong with an attractive man in a bathtub!'

Given't the nexus between moisture and sensuality, it makes sense that's become such an essential element in the photography of the male form.  The reasons are endless, beginning with the many metaphorical and literal connections between sexual arousal and wetness.  On a basic level however, especially with photographers who travel for shoot, there's always a bathroom, no matter where you're staying, available to utilize as a makeshift studio.

The most important reason to use any element in art, is it's impact on the visual.  The combination of light and water is powerful, especially when cascading over the skin of a beautiful naked body. The wet naked body for this shoot is a model many FH readers are already familiar with.  Some of you may remember him 2018's Utah shoot, (HERE:) but I'm guessing most of you know Jordan as peaks_and_cheeks2.0 on Instagram.

It was through Jordan;s Instagram page that lead to his connecting with Mike (Implicit Ditto) first connected.  Mike had seen Jordan's work, including his work in Utah, and a creative collaboration was planned.  This series of shots came from their second shoot.  The fist, took place outside on a chilly afternoon in St. George,  Although Mike shares they got some great shots, the shoot was short due to the weather.  Bot model and photographer agreed they wanted to work together again in the future should the opportunity arise.

A quick trip to Vegas provided a second opportunity for Mike and Jordan to connect.  Thankfully what happened during their time together didn't stay in Vegas, and was captured for other to enjoy.  Due to scheduling time was tight so they shot in the rooms of the hotel where Mike was staying.  Both Mike and Jordan agree that some of the best shots came from time in the bathroom.  I fully agree. 

In my last piece featuring Mike's work, (HERE:)  the San Francisco based photographer discussed his goal of the blending of environment with the model to create a mood.   Although for that shoot, the environment was a beautiful outdoor location, he certainly demonstrates with this shoot, a bathroom will also do just fine.

'The place had a huge open shower and a clawfoot bathtub. While I had to maneuver into numerous yoga poses and climb on chairs to get the best angle, it was worth the effort given the results. Jordan moves with such fluidity, I really just let him move and make minor adjustments. He's so comfortable in his skin and has such a warm smile, although you don't see it in this set of pictures... We shot right up until my deadline but I could have easily spent another couple hours with him that morning.'

'Mike was great with direction and helping me find the best positioning for my body. I absolutely loved the bathtub shots we did. They’re some of my favorites. Anytime that I’m traveling out to CA I plan to connect with him and keep expanding our portfolio together.'


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I would love to take a shower with Jordan

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I am seduced