Wednesday, April 8, 2020

In The Boardroom by Richard Rothstein

The meeting was scheduled for Wednesday at 6 pm.  Mac thought it a bit strange that a meeting was set for the end of work day.  Still, being fairly new to the company he wasn't about to rock the boat and complain.  Mac thought it must be a team meeting, that's what the e-mail had indicated.  When he walked in however, he realized there was an entirely different agenda.

At first he thought maybe he was early, but he was actually running a little late.  He didn't really know the man at the end of the table, but he certainly knew who he was.  He'd been thinking and fantasizing about Sergey since first seeing him a few months ago.  Although he'd stared at him for hours, up until then, they'd only shared a few brief pleasantries.

Sergey didn't say hello, his welcome, was a penetrating look. After what seemed an eternity, Sergey used only his eyes to invite Mac to come closer and sit next to him.  As soon as Mac sat down, Sergey stood up.  He walked first to the boardroom door, took a quick look back, then closed and locked it.  Sergey then walked towards Mac, slowly sliding on to his lap.

Still in silence, Sergey gently took Mac's hand, and placed it on the throbbing protrusion trying to break free from his grey dress pants.  Mac wasn't sure what to think, but enjoyed watching Sergey gracefully slide his body onto the boardroom table and down towards him.  With his head now in Mac's lap, Sergey whispers for Mac to take over the remainder of the meeting.  Without hesitation, Mac begins to implement his own agenda for the intimate team meeting of two.

To see how Mac and Sergey finish off their agenda, and make full use of the conference room table, check out THE OVER-FLOW HERE:

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