Monday, June 22, 2020

BakerModel: Sensuality & Structure

Walking into Summer like...

With his incredible physique and his elegant and powerful poses, Yoni Baker is a perfect embodiment of all we dream about and imagine when contemplating the perfect example and specimen of a Classic Greek God. Yoni not only possess the strength and athleticism, but also the spirit. There is timeless quality about Yoni, most notable in his eyes, that make's it easy to imagine that he just stepped out of History or Greek Mythology text book.

Since first discovering Yoni's work with YogaBear Studio (first 3 shots above) back in 2015,  I have featured his work over half a dozen times, with several different photographers and in a variety of incredible locations. Yoni also documented his experiences with nude life modeling for a piece on the site.   Yoni has a brand  new website, highlight some of his favorite images and shoots, and has selected many of his favorite captures to showcase and make available as prints. Check out more HERE:

BakerModel on FH:

Last two shots from Cooks Photography

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